Good News and Bad News… and Embarrassment

First my good news of the day. I got my new fabric in the mail today. It looks better than it looked on screen by far. I’m so glad I picked this instead of the print that everyone and their momma seemed to be using. How can you not love sushi? Well, I’ll admit I’ve never eaten it, but what a wonderfully designed food.

This is going to be the lining/interior of the redesigned messenger bags I’m thinking of making. But, I have a whole yard, so who knows what else will be coming from the old sewing machine. Ohhhhh….. a camera holder. Heh, heh, heh.

Now, the bad news. As it has been reported, the incredible comedian Bernie Mac, died this morning at the mere age of 50. 50! He’s younger than my parents and died of pneumonia! I’m kinda numb about the whole thing. Bernie seemed like he’d fight anything tooth and nail. It’s just weird for him to be gone so suddenly. The world has definitely gotten a lot less funnier. RIP Bernie.

And finally, the embarrassment. I watched the Olympics opening celebration, which was, in my humble opinion, the best in the history of the Olympics. The only thing that marred it for me was after about 1 1/2 hrs into it there was a shot of our president. And do you know what he was doing? Sitting there with his arms folded, tapping his foot like an impatient 10 yr old. Then he had the audacity to CHECK HIS WATCH. Damn it, man. The world is watching. You’re the first president to attend the openings. Learn how to act in public.

Thank God, we won’t have to bear him much longer.



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2 responses to “Good News and Bad News… and Embarrassment

  1. The US swimming team has done an amazing job! I think they redeemed from the setback caused by the president.

  2. randomcatgirl

    I know! I was watching the matches (meets?) yesterday. Thank goodness this is really about the athletes.

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