Featured Shop – Loobylou Crafts

I love that name!!

Loobylou Crafts is a store on Etsy.com that sells wonderful items made from Japanese fabrics. This crafty lady can turn these fabrics (which are beautiful in themselves) into belts, headbands, wallets, and purses. Not only are the items handmade by her, but designed as well. This is one of my favorites.

I love how the belts are inspired by the obi, the belt worn with the Japanese kimono. The tie is even reminiscent of the obijime, or the cord that’s tied over the obi. The colors of the fabrics that she picks is incredible. Each item is a work of art.

The headbands that she’s made are right up my alley. I have a really curly hairstyle now (almost an afro) so I have a growing collection of them. They are also made of varying Japanese fabrics and are truly easy to wear. She’s attached a band of elastic to the back.

The clutches are just darling. They have a sort of 1940’s feel to them and are perfect for an evening out. They have a very convenient detachable strap and lots of room on the inside as well. The wallets are fab as well as you can see. ^_^

You absolutely must check out this shop on Etsy! Loobylou Crafts!


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