More Sushi Please!

Now didn’t I just say that I was going to stop buying more fabric? This is the fabric that I’m working with now. I’ve gotten the messenger bag bug and it won’t stop. I don’t mind because I’ve also been forced to realize the limitations of myself… and my sewing machine. Heh. While I have the needles neccessary to make it through the thick layers of fabric, I have a very real fear that I’m going to kill the motor.

I’d like to buy another, more powerful machine, but that will have to come after I save up a little more money from the biz. I don’t even know which brand to buy. Oh… and a serger so I can start making simple clothing. I would love, LOVE to start making that.

On another note, I feel my product shots are getting sooooo much better and more professional. Just like my art, while I got my basics in school, I’m learning so much more on my own. For example my kanzashi shots are turning out great. Er, now that I understand what the macro function is.

This photo was taken at sunset, which I was worried about, but I like the slightly golden shade to it. Not so clinical. I could have adjusted the colors just a bit. I see that now. Too much blue in the background. Oh well, a lesson learned.



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2 responses to “More Sushi Please!

  1. I’ve decided that I might as well stop saying that I am not going to buy more fabric! I just wind up disappointing myself because I ALWAYS seem to be buying more fabric! By the way, love the sushi fabric!

  2. randomcatgirl

    I’ve gotten to the point where I even hide fabric from my husband. I think I have an official addiction. ^_^

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