Thinking About Money

While in the midst of making some new items for my shops I’ve been reading about the recent uproar on Wall St. I don’t have anything invested so I haven’t lost any direct money, but I still wonder what this means for someone like me. And this government bailout down right scares me. Their using the taxes that I pay to bail out not just these huge companies but perhaps foreign banks as well. And from what I understand right now, there are very few stipulations for these billions of dollars.

On the other hand it makes me mad as well. Whenever more money is needed for things such as roads, bridges, education, or healthcare we don’t have the funds. Yet, suddenly we can come up with several billion dollars to the very people who’ve messed up Wall St. in the first place. And the presidents of these businesses still get their nice fat checks while their employees get the boot. This is insane, nothing more than the result of decades of corporate greed and government enabling.

America’s chickens are coming home to roost in the financial sector too.


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