Featured Seller – Cherry Canary

This weeks featured seller is Cherry Canary. She runs a shop dedicated to fun flowered hair clips and bracelets. She says that she tries to add a little fun to her traditional craft and let me tell you, she does. Her shop is full of sassy fabrics and unusual charms sure to charm anyone who sees it.

Her flowered clips are assembled petal by petal (I’m sure a difficult task) and attached to a duckbill clip. The clips themselves are ribbon lined to prevent hair slippage. How thoughtful, no?

I am particuarly in love with the Pretty Lucky Black Dice flower. It’s such a whimsical take on a fantastic accessory. That and I’m a sucker for nearly anything with dice on them. ^_^ Even though I don’t gamble.

And don’t think that only Momma will find something to like in her shop. She has adorable little hair clips for the divas in training. They are created with several fun fabrics including zebra stripes, leopard spots, and tiger stripes.

For Holloween, she has an entire section with items featuring skulls. She does an awesome job in incorporating the skulls into the items without it being too overbaring. So, check out her shop. There’s something for all the ladies, young and old!


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