Odds and Ends

Good Monday morning!

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because my internet connection was interrupted. Darn phone company! But I have been busy. I just recieved my first batch of authentic habotai silk, which is what’s traditionally used to make kanzashi! I only bought white and black for right now but I already have some stunning designs in mind and I can always dye the white silk later. It’s difficult to startch but not impossible.

On another note, I’m doing a giveaway on the blog, Kat’s Life. It’s for one of my Raspberries and Cream kanzashi’s. All you have to do is comment on the post with my giveaway, tell which item you like from my shop and you could be selected as the winner. The deadline is tomorrow!

I’ll be doing a new On A Shoestring article and I’m not sure what subject to do it on. If anyone has any ideas on what they’d like to hear about just drop a comment and let me know. These articles are here for you!


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