Must Get Back to Sewing!

I’ve been having a ball making all of my new kanzashi with the kimono fabric I just bought. I’ve done quite a lot. Learning new flower forms and experimenting with little twists in technique that will make my blossoms even better.


It’s taking me away from the sewing that I love so much! I haven’t sewed anything in ages. I have plans for a new line of purses (that will stretch my pattern making abilities) and maybe even a hot apron design. I have a pile of brocade that ‘s calling to me but they will find their place as well.

What do you think of an apron inspired by a japanese obi? 😉



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2 responses to “Must Get Back to Sewing!

  1. The headband pictured is gorgeous! Great work. I also really like the new blog layout!

  2. randomcatgirl

    Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, the blog needed a new structure, something a little more, uh, professional? But I miss the picture of my sweetie!

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