Featured Seller – Sky Creation

This week’s featured seller produces items for a clientele that I’ve just been reluctantly joyously become part of. I was very skeptical of the lolita fashions that have become popular with the anime crowd (which I am part of) but little by little I learned more of it and finally fell in love with the fashion. Most importantly “waloli” which combines lolita inspired dresses with Japanese kimonos and this seamstress is most accomplished with this style.

So with out further ado, I present Sky Creation!

Under this label she creates absolutely beautiful dress of various styles: waloli, sweet babydoll dresses, and even custom kimonos and yukatas. The waloli-like dresses are my absolute favorites. They have the traditional long kimono sleeves but have had a contrasting ruffle added to them.

I love the fact that the obi ties in front in a bow. All of these accents give it a very romantic and feminine feel. Not that a kimono isn’t fiminine!! I just like ruffles! ^_^

Now I do like lady-like things, but girly things usually turn me off. Miss Sky has seriously changed my mind with her adorable babydoll and jumper dresses. Gosh! What else can I say? They are seriously the cutest I’ve ever seen. You must buy one right now!

Finally not only does she have dresses but she makes hoodies, scarves, pajamas, hoodie scarves, and even bikinis!

You can check out either her personal website or her shop on Etsy to see more of this fantastic designer’s creations. You’ll be glad you stopped by.


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