WIP Update – Wedding Hair Pin

Wedding WIP 2I finished it! It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Overall: The silk was hard to work with. It wanted to keep it’s shape in some places, but wouldn’t in others. And it kept moving the button that I was using for the center of the larger flowers. I think it turned out very pretty for a smaller arrangement. I’m going to cut up a larger piece of cloth and make an elaborate arrangement lager.

I like the look of the larger wire that I used for the stems/supports, but boy was it hard to bend around the hair pin. You just do not want to see how, erm, sloppy the last twists of wire is underneath the ribbon I wrapped it with.

Since I ran out of prepared fabric, I opted to use some stringed “pearls” instead of wisteria falls. It’s pretty and delicate, just what I wanted. The larger pearls that I had were entirely too clunky and distracted from the flowers. I thought about just making the three flowers and calling it quits, but it needed something else. A little more pizzaz. So the pearls made a nice addition.

This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had longer hair. It wouldn’t exactly work too well with my ‘fro. ^_^

I’ll probably get this up in my Etsy shop by this afternoon.



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3 responses to “WIP Update – Wedding Hair Pin

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    • randomcatgirl

      This style of flower I learned on my own using various tutorials online. Just look up tsumami kanzashi and you’ll find some great resources.

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