Featured Seller – Big Ass Bindis

Man, that is one of the best shop names ever!

Green Fire BindiThis weeks featured seller goes by the shop name Big Ass Bindis. She is a seller of jeweled bindis. What’s a bindi, you ask? I’m glad you did. A bindi is a form of body decoration, usually associated with the Hindu faith. It is traditionally a symbol of the god Shiva’s wife, Pavarti, and is a symbol of hidden wisdom. Bindis are usually worn between the eyebrows.

Modern women have taken this tradition and made it a true fashion statement. I even owned a sticker like set when I was in college. They make a great addition to a daring outfit, adding a drop of color and bringing attention to the eyes. Blue Drop Bindi

I particularly like the bindis made by Big Ass Bindis. They are traditional yet fashionable at the same time, lovely creations of gold, silver, and jewel tones. They can be easily attached with eyelash adhesive or spirit gum. Can’t you just imagine wearing them on a night out at the clubs? And they’re all so, so affordable!

She even makes cute little mirrored boxes for you to keep your new treasures in. You can also check out her CafePress store for those who love their, *cough*, big asses. šŸ˜‰ (Oh, relax. It’s just clothing.)



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3 responses to “Featured Seller – Big Ass Bindis

  1. She does stunning work! I want a ton of them so pretty and fem.!

  2. Nadeau

    I’m so glad you featured BAB. I’m a huge fan of her work and slowly am going broke from my new bindi obsession. I currently own 5 with a new one on the way. I adore them all. These bindis last and last and last and are a truely great value.

  3. Farasha

    I have a collection of these myself. I am starting to buy these like I eat M&M’s!

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