To Sale or Not to Sale

As we all know in the States, Thanksgiving is happening on tomorrow. And as everyone also knows, this is the time for some of the grandest sales of the year. I just pulled an inch worth of sales ads from my mailbox. Many online sellers are having a sale as well. Free shipping, 50% off, it seems like retailers are pulling all the stops to get more customers in.

As for me, I’m still debating on if I should or should not have a sale in my Etsy store. Many people are having at least 30% off  or offering free shipping for the whole weekend. I’ve tried to keep my prices as low as possible so I’m not sure that having all of those sales will offset the loss in money I’ll be taking. It sounds greedy, I know. But this is how I make extra money for my family. It’s a serious decision.

Also, if I do have a sale, how much do I take off? 10%? 20%? 30%+? It’s all so much to consider and I have very little time between now and tomorrow afternoon. It makes one’s head spin.


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