Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


The Tomato TakeoverSo late spring, I started growing a few vegatables outside our backdoor. Just a few different types, mainly the ones I use most in my recipies. Bell peppers, jalapenos, green onions, and some herbs. (I mean, have you seen the price of bell peppers?! It’s crazy!) I even started some regular onions, but they died on me.  Everything was going fine. My mother even decided to ty her hand at a little gardening.

Now, her plants have taken over the backporch! I mean look at them. (She has the three large pots in front.)

She first planted her tomatoes when my peppers were just flowering. I thought I was doing well. Now hers are as tall as me and my plants are still shrimppy. Isn’t that crazy? Oh well, what’s a girl to do? ……But enjoy some delicious tomatoes when they’re finally ripe! Can you say basil and garlic tomato sauce?

To make myself feel better about my mother’s green thumb, I picked up some fall seeds in the store last week. I didn’tJalapenos even know there were plants that were specifically for fall, even into winter down here. Pretty soon we’ll be having freshly grown spinach, carrots, and a medley of lettuces. I’m so happy!

I really think more people should try growing some of their own food. You’ll know exactly where your food is coming from and you’ll have the pride in knowing that you grew it. And if you have kids, like me, they want to help and I say that anything that keeps the kids busy MUST be a good thing.

Give it a try!


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