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Back in Business!

Hey there all you Randomcatgirl fans!

I’d love to say that the website is up, but due to compatability issues between my program and my hosting site, it’s delayed… again. I’ll have to upgrade my software if I want to do this the easy way or wade through tech service if I want to do this like I’ve been doing for years. *sigh* Technology.

On a happier note, I’ve finally gotten some new kanzashi online. It’s been ages, right? ^_^ So here they are!

I’m really happy because I’ve finally found a yellow fabric dye that I actually like. The others I tried all had a sort of school bus yellow tint to them, or worse yet, straight up orange. I started experimenting with mixing some of the dyes and have learned that they don’t neccessarily work like paint. I’ve managed to create some pretty funky colors! I think I’d call one, greenish mud.

I’ll have to show you all my sewing projects next time. There’s a LOT of photos to be taken!

Until then, later!


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Craft Show Report – Lexington, SC

Hello all,

Long time no see. Sorry it’s been a month since the last post. I’ve been extremely busy. I had to get ready for a craft show last week so I’d been sewing like a mad woman for nearly a month. It took place at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Lexington, SC, not too far from me. It was a great set up, great location and times. The building was well lit and in great repair. The only problem was that Tropical Depression Ira came through, drenching the whole state. I mean, it rained for three days straight.

craft fair1The traffic was pretty good. There were lulls, just like any other venue so I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to look around at all the other great items being sold. I was told that the traffic wasn’t even half of the attendance they had last year so that gives me some great hope for next years show.

I also learned a LOT from selling here. Purses weren’t a big seller, but goodness gracious, my kanzashi were. I nearly sold out of all of my cheaper, single flower designs. Everyone loved my headband with the red and beige flowers, but I don’t think anyone had an outfit to go with it. The kanzashi went mostly to mothers with daughters who took ballet. They wanted something unsual and unique for them and I was proud to be able to offer it. craft fair 2

While I shied away from craft shows in the past, I’ll definitely be doing more in the future. So many people took my card and said they would pass it on that I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. Which reminds me, I need to finish up that website of mine!

Ciao people! I’ll be back with more news soon.


craft fair3


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On A Shoestring – Paying Yourself

When I started out with my business, I figured up the cost of my materials, thought about what I would pay for my items and there was the price.  Needless to say they were pretty low. Then, I started reading more about business, studying what other successful entrepenuers were doing to figure out their prices and saw that I was missing one vital thing. I wan’t paying myself.

It struck me dumb. All the years that I’d been working for someone else, all those years of making sure I was given every due cent on my paycheck, and when the time came to finally work for myself I forget to factor in my own labor. I wrestled with that for a while. What should I charge? Is my talent really worth that? My prices will have to rise! Then nobody will buy from me! Oh woe is me!

But I ran across a post someone made in one of the forums I frequent: Isn’t your talent worth just as much as someone with a “regular” job? Why yes, yes it is! For me, my talent/craft is sewing, something that was done regularly way back when, but not so much today.  I thought to myself that if my sewn items are just as good as a seamtresses, then why can’t I be paid like her?

Paying yourself is one of the most important things to remember when you start your business. No one started out wanting to work for free, but if you just charge for your materials that’s exactly what you’re doing. Now, don’t start comparing what you want to be paid to what other crafters are doing. Everyone has their own separate needs and goals. Also every region is different. What would be a normal wage in a small city in Georgia would be laughable in say NYC or LA.

Once you figure out what you want to be payed for your time and labor then your prices should reflect that. And your prices will show buyers what that lovely blanket that you spent all weekend knitting is really worth. When you know what you’re worth, so will they.

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I have more silk!!

I constantly find it amazing how  this:


Can turn into something like this:


I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but anyone’s crafts or skills just sometimes amaze me. The amount of creativity that goes into taking sometimes some very unrelated objects and bringing them together into beauty and functionality is mind boggling.

I just love my crafters!

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