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New Kanzashi and a Conundrum…..

Made a cute set today that made for some fantastic pictures. Check it out!

Eccentric Kanzashi

I’m also looking for a creative, clever, and portable way to display my hairstick and prong kanzashi pieces. They don’t exactly fit neatly into a small box without crushing the petals. Not good. The best way is to stand them up somehow, but the question of the day is how?

I don’t want anything heavy or clunky that would take up much needed space in the car when I’m traveling to shows. I’ve seen a wonderful shoji screen display but I’m not quite sure how to accomplish it (and for cheap!). The kanzashi looked to be tucked into strips that ran across the rice paper areas. It gave it a nice authentic feel. ^_^ Like they came straight from Japan.

Looks like I’m just going to take off the artist’s hat and put on the “carpenter’s” one. This’ll be fun. It means I get to play around in salvage yards and Lowes until I find what works. Creativity ho!!



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I Must Learn To Sew Better…

so that I can make things like this!

Mermaid Corset wedding dress

Both items can be found on Etsy, by the way.


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Working, working, working

I have a wedding set to finish ASAP. It’s a custom set that I’m sure will turn out incredible, but it has to arrive in Ireland by the 27th at the very latest. It’s a simple piece, just a color change from this one. She wants it on a small comb though.

My problem is, I should be ready to ship this out tomorrow, but the dark hair combs that she wants won’t be here until Monday if I’m lucky. I really hope that it’s Monday. I seriously doubt that it will be later than that.

Here’s crossing my fingers.

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My First Sakura Kanzashi

My First Sakura Kanzashi

Originally uploaded by Random CatGirl

I finally seriously attempted to make a sakura kanzashi. Nothing before was working; The petal crimp wouldn’t stay. So… I decided to starch the devil out of the fabric. I think ninjas could use it to make throwing stars now, the fabric’s so stiff.

I’ve been meaning to use that fabric for quite a while for a kanzashi and it turned out just like I planned! It’s just as funky and I’d imagined and that’s what I want to achieve. With my kanzashi I want to make a more hip and modern version of the traditional art. At the same time I’d be able to spread the word about it so the process won’t die out. It’s too lovely to be allowed to die.

I’m going to see if I can make a larger arrangement of sakuras, maybe with this fabric, maybe another. We’ll see.


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