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A Few Newbies

I’m always looking to improve my skills, as all artists should, and learn how to make new styles of flowers. Surprisingly, the simple six pointed petal flower was the hardest for me to manage. But now, I have it! And I think I rather like making them. ^_^


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I Must Learn To Sew Better…

so that I can make things like this!

Mermaid Corset wedding dress

Both items can be found on Etsy, by the way.


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Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve gotten back to sewing. It felt so good working with fabric in a different way. A non intricate way. And breaking out the sewing machine was delightful. On the other hand, when I blew off the fine layer of dust that had accumulated, I’ll admit, I was a bit ashamed. Had it really been so long since I’d sewn? Nah, can’t have been. I sewed up a new tote just last….


Well, nevermind that. It was time to start that little engine up again. So, I’m sewing. (Gosh, I’ve gotten slow!) This is looking to be the best tote I’ve made in a while. My color coordination is getting better. And I’ve found a great new interfacing. Everything’s working well and in good time I’m almost through. Then something starts bothering me. There’s this nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something.

Oh well. Moving on. Stitch, stitch, stitch. I’m through! And realize that the tote won’t close. (HUH?) There’s no clasp. And the bag is completely sewn.

&#$%@#! My seam ripper and I got to know each other intimately for the next half an hour.

The moral of this story: Never let your skills get rusty, and if they do, apply oil first.

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Gothic Spring Kanzashi

I said that I was not going to write today and give myself a break.

I think I have found my new favorite product shot to date. It’s interesting how you can try and try to take that perfect shot but nothing will seem to come out right. Oh, but when you just say “Hey, I’m just going to give it my best shot today” and don’t worry about it, magic happens.

This truly encourages me to go to even new heights with my photography. If I can train myself to take these shots then I can certainly do even more. Which is just in time for my website remake. (Boy does that need some new photos.)

Hey, I like this new I can do attitude! 😉

P.S. I did list it in my Etsy shop if you want to see the other photos. There were a couple of good ones. I really hope these find a good home soon.

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My Very First Butterfly! WIP

I made this little guy about a day ago out of some black and purple silk. All of the other fabrics that I’d been working with lately have been really sunny and bright so I wanted to switch paces for one piece.

I like the gothic lolita color schemes and the creativity of the whole movement so black and purple spoke to me. I even managed to scrounge up a few deep purple swarovski crystals to make the body.

Now that I’ve this fella under my belt, it’s time to start making some more! I think my bridal section is going to get a little fatter over the next few weeks.

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I have more silk!!

I constantly find it amazing how  this:


Can turn into something like this:


I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but anyone’s crafts or skills just sometimes amaze me. The amount of creativity that goes into taking sometimes some very unrelated objects and bringing them together into beauty and functionality is mind boggling.

I just love my crafters!

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More Sushi Please!

Now didn’t I just say that I was going to stop buying more fabric? This is the fabric that I’m working with now. I’ve gotten the messenger bag bug and it won’t stop. I don’t mind because I’ve also been forced to realize the limitations of myself… and my sewing machine. Heh. While I have the needles neccessary to make it through the thick layers of fabric, I have a very real fear that I’m going to kill the motor.

I’d like to buy another, more powerful machine, but that will have to come after I save up a little more money from the biz. I don’t even know which brand to buy. Oh… and a serger so I can start making simple clothing. I would love, LOVE to start making that.

On another note, I feel my product shots are getting sooooo much better and more professional. Just like my art, while I got my basics in school, I’m learning so much more on my own. For example my kanzashi shots are turning out great. Er, now that I understand what the macro function is.

This photo was taken at sunset, which I was worried about, but I like the slightly golden shade to it. Not so clinical. I could have adjusted the colors just a bit. I see that now. Too much blue in the background. Oh well, a lesson learned.


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