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Back in Business!

Hey there all you Randomcatgirl fans!

I’d love to say that the website is up, but due to compatability issues between my program and my hosting site, it’s delayed… again. I’ll have to upgrade my software if I want to do this the easy way or wade through tech service if I want to do this like I’ve been doing for years. *sigh* Technology.

On a happier note, I’ve finally gotten some new kanzashi online. It’s been ages, right? ^_^ So here they are!

I’m really happy because I’ve finally found a yellow fabric dye that I actually like. The others I tried all had a sort of school bus yellow tint to them, or worse yet, straight up orange. I started experimenting with mixing some of the dyes and have learned that they don’t neccessarily work like paint. I’ve managed to create some pretty funky colors! I think I’d call one, greenish mud.

I’ll have to show you all my sewing projects next time. There’s a LOT of photos to be taken!

Until then, later!


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Little Butterflies

So this is the fruit of my labor over the past few days. Not that it took me that long to make them. I spent about an hour on them, not including drying time. I wonderful project to do in the afternoon when my littlest one was napping.

This is the start of my next wedding item push. I’ve always wanted to make accessories for weddings because I wanted something “unusual” for my own wedding back in ’05. If I’d known about kanzashi way back then, I assure you, I would have been sporting them.

I think these would look so cute in a little flower girl’s hair. ^_^

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I have more silk!!

I constantly find it amazing how  this:


Can turn into something like this:


I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but anyone’s crafts or skills just sometimes amaze me. The amount of creativity that goes into taking sometimes some very unrelated objects and bringing them together into beauty and functionality is mind boggling.

I just love my crafters!

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WIP Update – Wedding Hair Pin

Wedding WIP 2I finished it! It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Overall: The silk was hard to work with. It wanted to keep it’s shape in some places, but wouldn’t in others. And it kept moving the button that I was using for the center of the larger flowers. I think it turned out very pretty for a smaller arrangement. I’m going to cut up a larger piece of cloth and make an elaborate arrangement lager.

I like the look of the larger wire that I used for the stems/supports, but boy was it hard to bend around the hair pin. You just do not want to see how, erm, sloppy the last twists of wire is underneath the ribbon I wrapped it with.

Since I ran out of prepared fabric, I opted to use some stringed “pearls” instead of wisteria falls. It’s pretty and delicate, just what I wanted. The larger pearls that I had were entirely too clunky and distracted from the flowers. I thought about just making the three flowers and calling it quits, but it needed something else. A little more pizzaz. So the pearls made a nice addition.

This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had longer hair. It wouldn’t exactly work too well with my ‘fro. ^_^

I’ll probably get this up in my Etsy shop by this afternoon.


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Wedding Bells!

Not for me of course!! ^_^

Wedding WIPBut I am starting to make wedding items. I just started on a habotai silk kanzashi. As you can see to the left, it doesn’t look like much right now, but will be a great accent to an updo. It’s going to have at least three flowers on it when it’s done and some danglies. 🙂 Y’know danglies, like wisteria falls or threads of pearl beads.

The flowers are cherry blossoms and I’ve glued the little crimp that’s at the top of the petals. Not the best look in my opinion, but the silk is so soft that folding it won’t work. I don’t want to use any more startch on the fabric, however I just might have to on the next batch.

For the next wedding kanzashi I’m going to make I’m attaching the flowers (and a butterfly) to a large comb. I may even make a half veil out of it. And I’ll be getting some crystals for the centers. A little something to add that sparkle.

I’m not sure what the best way is to market myself for the whole wedding world. This is the first time I’ve considered it. I hope that my items will be well received though. Either way, this is going to be interesting.

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