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A Few Newbies

I’m always looking to improve my skills, as all artists should, and learn how to make new styles of flowers. Surprisingly, the simple six pointed petal flower was the hardest for me to manage. But now, I have it! And I think I rather like making them. ^_^


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A Prototype – Black Swallowtail

This is something I created over a recent gloomy day. I couldn’t sew (people were still asleep. Night shift folks.) so it was back to kanzashi for a bit.

I’ve been itching to use the peacock feathers I’d bought for over a month now, but couldn’t come up with a design that I truly liked. Then this one came to my head. I really, really like it and don’t know if I’d be willing to sell it. It’d be so classy in a bun or updo, but I don’t have the hair for it. Heh, unless I get a wig. ^_^

I may change the shape of the wings, making the top two wings the same as the bottom two. But hey, this is just a prototype so I’ll have much to work on. Can’t wait!

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Going Gothic – a walkthrough

Remember my first butterfly? (Check a few posts back.) Well now, Mr. Butterfly has a lot of company.

Gothic Lolita Kanzashi 1

Gothic Lolita Kanzashi 1

I first added him to a nice little bell flower. BTW, the entire piece is made of black and purple silk. This flower is HUGE! I made it from 3″ squares and measures just under 3″ across.

Next, a few more flowers were added to the kanzashi. They’re only about 1 1/2″ across. Since I made the original butterfly’s body out of Swarovski crystals, I decided to use crystals as the center pieces of the Gothic Lolita Kanzashi 2smaller flowers too. You can see in the next picture that Mr. Butterfly has a little friend. ^_^

Since I had just one of the japanese silver colored prongs left, I figured what the heck and used that for the base.

From this point there were a few tiny little 1″ butterflies that had to be constructed. What a learning experience that was! With such small butterflies I had to use smaller crystals as their bodies. I’m talking teeny, tiny 4mm crystals. They didn’t want to glue together and then I realized that the opening wasn’t big enough for both antanae to fit in. It took some creative experiemnting to get those together.

Into the Night Kanzashi - right sideAfter several days, it’s finally done. It’s my most intricate kanzashi to date with four flowers and four butterflies. I’m ecstatic about how it turned out. I learned a lot on the way and even picked up some new techniques. I ended up with a lot of glue on my hands, but I was so worth it. I hope this one goes home with a very happy lolita girl. Maybe I’ll see it at a con one day. Now that would be neat.

Of course you can check this out at my Etsy Shop if you’d like to buy it. wink,wink.

Into the Night Kanzashi- left side

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Today is a pizza day.

It’s raining and I’m tired. Time to call Pizza Hut.

I learned today that the traditional kanzashi for August is pampas grass. I guess I shouldn’t be making things like this. Heh- heh.:

It’s the first kanzashi that I’ve made with silk. I love how it turned out, but goodness was it hard to work with. It didn’t seem to want to keep its shape. I think I’ll have to invest in some potato or rice starch for these fabrics.

I actually used muslin for the extra petals and the tiny flower on the end. I liked how it looks, very natural. I’ve learned that it mustn’t be handled too much or you’ll get little tiny “hairs.”

Aaaand I finally get to use up those funky little pearls that I’ve kept all these years.

I really like my take on kanzashi. So far people have loved them in my neighborhood. Oh! And I’ve actually sold a pair to someone in France! My work is international now. ^_^ hee-hee!


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Featured Shop – Loobylou Crafts

I love that name!!

Loobylou Crafts is a store on Etsy.com that sells wonderful items made from Japanese fabrics. This crafty lady can turn these fabrics (which are beautiful in themselves) into belts, headbands, wallets, and purses. Not only are the items handmade by her, but designed as well. This is one of my favorites.

I love how the belts are inspired by the obi, the belt worn with the Japanese kimono. The tie is even reminiscent of the obijime, or the cord that’s tied over the obi. The colors of the fabrics that she picks is incredible. Each item is a work of art.

The headbands that she’s made are right up my alley. I have a really curly hairstyle now (almost an afro) so I have a growing collection of them. They are also made of varying Japanese fabrics and are truly easy to wear. She’s attached a band of elastic to the back.

The clutches are just darling. They have a sort of 1940’s feel to them and are perfect for an evening out. They have a very convenient detachable strap and lots of room on the inside as well. The wallets are fab as well as you can see. ^_^

You absolutely must check out this shop on Etsy! Loobylou Crafts!

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