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A Simple Delight

It’s amazing how such a simple work can be a delicate, fanciful work of art. This beautiful wrap shirt made my night. I found it on Etsy (of course) and boy, do I wish I had the money for it.

A wrap shirt by econica


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Craft Show Report – Lexington, SC

Hello all,

Long time no see. Sorry it’s been a month since the last post. I’ve been extremely busy. I had to get ready for a craft show last week so I’d been sewing like a mad woman for nearly a month. It took place at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Lexington, SC, not too far from me. It was a great set up, great location and times. The building was well lit and in great repair. The only problem was that Tropical Depression Ira came through, drenching the whole state. I mean, it rained for three days straight.

craft fair1The traffic was pretty good. There were lulls, just like any other venue so I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to look around at all the other great items being sold. I was told that the traffic wasn’t even half of the attendance they had last year so that gives me some great hope for next years show.

I also learned a LOT from selling here. Purses weren’t a big seller, but goodness gracious, my kanzashi were. I nearly sold out of all of my cheaper, single flower designs. Everyone loved my headband with the red and beige flowers, but I don’t think anyone had an outfit to go with it. The kanzashi went mostly to mothers with daughters who took ballet. They wanted something unsual and unique for them and I was proud to be able to offer it. craft fair 2

While I shied away from craft shows in the past, I’ll definitely be doing more in the future. So many people took my card and said they would pass it on that I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. Which reminds me, I need to finish up that website of mine!

Ciao people! I’ll be back with more news soon.


craft fair3


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The Cat Came Back

Long time, huh?

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’ve been battling illnesses, working on new kanzashi, and trying to get down off of this election high. Barack Obama won! WHOOOOOO!!!! There, I’m done. ^_^

I know I usually blog about things going on in my etsy shop, but I really want to talk about my items in my personal shop as well. Randomcatgirl.com is where I sell all of my sewn items, many of them using some really beautiful brocades that I’ve found over the past year and a half. I’m going to be taking new pictures of all of the items when the new site is up so I’ll be looking for some critiquing.

Speaking of websites, the one I’m working on right now is kicking my butt! I’d forgotten how much planning and work goes into each one, even when you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s for a convention that I’m on the comittee of. The layout is pretty simple, but damn, after so many months away, I hate web design! (I’ll get over it and fall in love again when the site looks presentable.) I can’t wait to be able to afford a real pro design program like dreamweaver. Ahhhh, dreamweaver…… *drool*

*wipes mouth*

Well,… um,… back to work.

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The season’s a changin’

I don’t talk too much about what I’m actually doing on my online stores but I just wanted to give a little heads up about what’s coming up for me. Halloween is the next holiday coming up, however I’m going to spend from now until the end of October promoting Breat Cancer Awareness Month. My Etsy shop will be going pink and I’ll have many pink items for purchase. They’ll be in a special section just for these items and I’ll be donating 50% of the proceeds to charity. Hey, great fashionable items and helping a great cause! What could be better?

Also, I hate to remind everyone ^_^ but now is a great time to get a jump start on Christmas shopping. Not only will Etsy have some great handmade Christmas items available, but I’ll be stocking up my shop for the holidays too. There will be several new kanzashi of many colors and sizes. I’ll be putting more of my original jewelry up as well. I hope you’ll stop by. You won’t be sorry.

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