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A Simple Delight

It’s amazing how such a simple work can be a delicate, fanciful work of art. This beautiful wrap shirt made my night. I found it on Etsy (of course) and boy, do I wish I had the money for it.

A wrap shirt by econica


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Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve gotten back to sewing. It felt so good working with fabric in a different way. A non intricate way. And breaking out the sewing machine was delightful. On the other hand, when I blew off the fine layer of dust that had accumulated, I’ll admit, I was a bit ashamed. Had it really been so long since I’d sewn? Nah, can’t have been. I sewed up a new tote just last….


Well, nevermind that. It was time to start that little engine up again. So, I’m sewing. (Gosh, I’ve gotten slow!) This is looking to be the best tote I’ve made in a while. My color coordination is getting better. And I’ve found a great new interfacing. Everything’s working well and in good time I’m almost through. Then something starts bothering me. There’s this nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something.

Oh well. Moving on. Stitch, stitch, stitch. I’m through! And realize that the tote won’t close. (HUH?) There’s no clasp. And the bag is completely sewn.

&#$%@#! My seam ripper and I got to know each other intimately for the next half an hour.

The moral of this story: Never let your skills get rusty, and if they do, apply oil first.

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It’s Sewing Time

Little Girl Blue Tiny Tote

Little Girl Blue Tiny Tote

Hello everyone!

After a major hiatus, I’m back at the sewing machine to do some serious creating. I’m still making my tiny totes which I think are the cutest thing in the world. I’ve been meaning to get on designing the medium sized totes (for the ladies who carry around a little more) but just can’t decide on the right size. I have to pick the right finished size and then figure out the sewing pattern based on that.

The problem is, I tend to feel that most purses are huge anyways so every set of measurements I come up with just seem enormous! I think 12″ x 12″ would be pretty good…. I think.

Also, with this hiatus I’ve come to decide to push my shop in a slightly different direction. I’m going to focus more on using just asian and asian inspired designs using salvaged and vintage fabrics whenever I can. With the wonderful gift I recieved recently (of vintage kimono scraps) I’ve already started on quite a few pieces (like the lovely tote pictured). I’ll still be using up all the brocade that I bought, but there will be more Japanese fabrics introduced into the mix too.  I’m really looking forward to the new items that I’ll be able to make and hope you’ll be looking for them too!


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