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Featured Seller – Big Ass Bindis

Man, that is one of the best shop names ever!

Green Fire BindiThis weeks featured seller goes by the shop name Big Ass Bindis. She is a seller of jeweled bindis. What’s a bindi, you ask? I’m glad you did. A bindi is a form of body decoration, usually associated with the Hindu faith. It is traditionally a symbol of the god Shiva’s wife, Pavarti, and is a symbol of hidden wisdom. Bindis are usually worn between the eyebrows.

Modern women have taken this tradition and made it a true fashion statement. I even owned a sticker like set when I was in college. They make a great addition to a daring outfit, adding a drop of color and bringing attention to the eyes. Blue Drop Bindi

I particularly like the bindis made by Big Ass Bindis. They are traditional yet fashionable at the same time, lovely creations of gold, silver, and jewel tones. They can be easily attached with eyelash adhesive or spirit gum. Can’t you just imagine wearing them on a night out at the clubs? And they’re all so, so affordable!

She even makes cute little mirrored boxes for you to keep your new treasures in. You can also check out her CafePress store for those who love their, *cough*, big asses. 😉 (Oh, relax. It’s just clothing.)



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Featured Seller – Sky Creation

This week’s featured seller produces items for a clientele that I’ve just been reluctantly joyously become part of. I was very skeptical of the lolita fashions that have become popular with the anime crowd (which I am part of) but little by little I learned more of it and finally fell in love with the fashion. Most importantly “waloli” which combines lolita inspired dresses with Japanese kimonos and this seamstress is most accomplished with this style.

So with out further ado, I present Sky Creation!

Under this label she creates absolutely beautiful dress of various styles: waloli, sweet babydoll dresses, and even custom kimonos and yukatas. The waloli-like dresses are my absolute favorites. They have the traditional long kimono sleeves but have had a contrasting ruffle added to them.

I love the fact that the obi ties in front in a bow. All of these accents give it a very romantic and feminine feel. Not that a kimono isn’t fiminine!! I just like ruffles! ^_^

Now I do like lady-like things, but girly things usually turn me off. Miss Sky has seriously changed my mind with her adorable babydoll and jumper dresses. Gosh! What else can I say? They are seriously the cutest I’ve ever seen. You must buy one right now!

Finally not only does she have dresses but she makes hoodies, scarves, pajamas, hoodie scarves, and even bikinis!

You can check out either her personal website or her shop on Etsy to see more of this fantastic designer’s creations. You’ll be glad you stopped by.

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Featured Seller – Cherry Canary

This weeks featured seller is Cherry Canary. She runs a shop dedicated to fun flowered hair clips and bracelets. She says that she tries to add a little fun to her traditional craft and let me tell you, she does. Her shop is full of sassy fabrics and unusual charms sure to charm anyone who sees it.

Her flowered clips are assembled petal by petal (I’m sure a difficult task) and attached to a duckbill clip. The clips themselves are ribbon lined to prevent hair slippage. How thoughtful, no?

I am particuarly in love with the Pretty Lucky Black Dice flower. It’s such a whimsical take on a fantastic accessory. That and I’m a sucker for nearly anything with dice on them. ^_^ Even though I don’t gamble.

And don’t think that only Momma will find something to like in her shop. She has adorable little hair clips for the divas in training. They are created with several fun fabrics including zebra stripes, leopard spots, and tiger stripes.

For Holloween, she has an entire section with items featuring skulls. She does an awesome job in incorporating the skulls into the items without it being too overbaring. So, check out her shop. There’s something for all the ladies, young and old!

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Featured Seller – Simone’s Country Candles

This week I’m featuring an amazing crafter from my home state of South Carolina, Simone’s Country Candles. This woman crafts candles into the shapes of various treats. Cakes, pies, and so much more that will make your mouth water and fool your guests. Can you imagine the conversations over one of these beauties?

Her candles shaped like cakes are to die for. The icing looks so real my kids were staring at the screen and begging for sweets. ^_^ I can only imagine the heavenly scents that come along with such a tantalizing package.

This is definitely on my Christmas present list and should be on yours as well. Hmm…. maybe I’ll keep one for myself. ^_^ Check out her shop. She’s pretty undiscovered right now on etsy, so catch her before she gets hot, hot, hot!

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Featured Seller – Deckled Edge Bindery

It’s time for the featured seller once again! This week I’m spotlighting Deckled Edge Bindery. This wonderful shop produces amazing handmade and hand stitched books in various shapes and colors. Bookbinding is a hobby that I picked up several years ago but learned I didn’t have the time or patience. It is amazing what the artist has created from just paper, paint, and thread.

While I love the “regular” notebooks she has for sale, I’m absolutely amazed by the asymmetrical books she’s dreamed up. While the back cover is sometimes of a standard size the front and all of the pages are in a delightfully funky shape. The dragonfly notebook to the right is particuarly one of my favorites.

The standard sized notebooks are just as lovely. On several of them she has handpainted beautiful swirling designs that are accented with crystals. I’d show more pictures of these, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found a Christmas presents for one of my best friends.

She also creates box books which are the size of small boxes. These are wonderful as well, because they are decorated as lively as the rest. On a few of them the decorations have been old postcards and fantastic scenic papers. On others they’ve even been decorated with hot pink cheetah spots! You have to love an adventurous spirit!

I hope you’ll take the time to check out her shop and browse through the extensive collection. Many of these books are originals and she does take custom orders. Any of these would make a fabulous gift to yourself or others.


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A Belated Feature – Sumomosuki

I know I’m a day late with the feature. I spent yesterday catching up on my inventory.

This week I’m featuring a shop and especially a shirt that I have absolutely fallen in love with: Sumomo Suki on Etsy. Check this out.

I’ve always admired people who could design and produce their own clothing and boy can this woman do it. Her tops are so original that you’ll just have to go through her gallery to appreciate it. She’s also a maker of kanzashi and using recycled material at that! I just discovered her and I think she needs some more love so go visit her. ^_^

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Featured Shop – Loobylou Crafts

I love that name!!

Loobylou Crafts is a store on that sells wonderful items made from Japanese fabrics. This crafty lady can turn these fabrics (which are beautiful in themselves) into belts, headbands, wallets, and purses. Not only are the items handmade by her, but designed as well. This is one of my favorites.

I love how the belts are inspired by the obi, the belt worn with the Japanese kimono. The tie is even reminiscent of the obijime, or the cord that’s tied over the obi. The colors of the fabrics that she picks is incredible. Each item is a work of art.

The headbands that she’s made are right up my alley. I have a really curly hairstyle now (almost an afro) so I have a growing collection of them. They are also made of varying Japanese fabrics and are truly easy to wear. She’s attached a band of elastic to the back.

The clutches are just darling. They have a sort of 1940’s feel to them and are perfect for an evening out. They have a very convenient detachable strap and lots of room on the inside as well. The wallets are fab as well as you can see. ^_^

You absolutely must check out this shop on Etsy! Loobylou Crafts!

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